The Seven Robotlets and the Destroid
Tales for robot children

The Seven Robotlets and the DestroidIf you thought that you had already encountered every folk tale expression, if you recite the Grimm tales by heart, if you are familiar with the lands beyond the Enchanted Sea and Glass Mountain, then listen up: these tales are not about princesses, paupers, piglets, and wolves, but about ROBOTS - robotlets, robozooms, destroids, robo-witches, robot-kings, and robot-princesses. The appropriate greeting here is "Stay charged for long!", and the greatest danger is being sold for spare parts on the internet.
János Tomoga's joyful robot tales with Tamás Mayer's robot illustrations are a must-read for every (robot) child, (robot) dad, and (robot) mom!

Stories in the volume:
The Seven Robotlet and the Destroid
The Robozzum and the Bridge
The Destroid-proof Cottage
The Robozzum and the Race
The Tale of CM Table
Hot Metal for the Rusty!
Wifi Chase
The Tale of Royal Hide and Seek
The Red Robotlet and the Destroid
The Tale of Two Mobile Phones
Author: János Tomoga
Illustrator: Tamás Mayer
Publisher: Pagony Publishing House
Publish date: 2022
Pages: 128
Language: Hungarian
Dimensions: 6.7 x 8.7 x 0.6 inches
Type: Hardcover

This book is currently only available in Hungarian, but you can read some of the stories in English on the Tales for Robot Children website.