What kind of website is this?

The Little Dream Voyagers website was created to present the storybook series with the same title. The series is currently awaiting publication, but in the meantime, so that the stories don't just collect dust on the hard drive, a small taste of them can be read on the site.

The Little Dream Voyagers children's book series

The series offers adventure flip books for the youngest, where at certain points in the story they have the opportunity to choose between alternatives. Each book contains three stories that start with the same introduction, then diverge at a triple fork. Then, there are three more choices for each story, with the last one usually being the selection of the reward. Sometimes, certain alternatives offer a bad solution (e.g. striking the spider), but there's no need to be afraid, because in such cases the protagonist's puppet intervenes and guides his/her friend in the right direction. Currently, the series has 22 parts, eight of which are available to read on the website.

What age are the stories recommended for?

The Marty stories are simpler, with 50-60 words per page, and are recommended for children aged 3-7, while the Tessa stories (with 70-80 words per page) are recommended for slightly older children, aged 4-8. However, because of the interactive elements, the stories can also provide fun and reading practice for 8-10 year olds who can already read.
It is important to note that Marty's stories can also be read to girls, while Tessa's stories can be read to boys.

Dyslexia friendly text

On the website, the readers can customize the appearance of the texts to their own needs in the Misc/Text Format menu, where it is even possible to select a dyslexia friendly look. It can be useful for children with reading difficulties.

About the translation

The text of the stories has been translated from Hungarian to English. Please note that this is not a literary translation.

About the illustrations

The illustrations were NOT made for these stories, so they are not related to them.

About the sound effects

In the stories there are playable sound effects appearing as highlighted links. All of them are from the FreeSound.org website and are licensed under the Creative Commons 0 License.

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