Marty & Blankie

In Lego LandStory-101-icon
Marty and Blankie have an infinite number of Lego bricks to choose from. What do they build with them?
In Bicycle GroveStory-102-icon
Marty must first choose a bike. Which would be better for him: with training wheels or without them?
In Car CityStory-103-icon
Marty and Blankie do stunts and races in a little red car. But what happens when they get stuck?
At the Videogame RanchStory-104-icon
At the Videogame Ranch you have to choose the right game, because some of them can be scary...

Tessa & Stuffie

In Dolly ValleyStory-201-icon
Tessa can take part in a cookie contest, or if she is brave enough, she can do a little investigating.
In the Pencil ForestStory-202-icon
Tessa makes new friends, including the Pencil Princess, an eccentric pencil girl, and a chalk boy.
In the Book EmpireStory-203-icon
At the entrance Tessa must choose between a thick book and a thin tablet. Or is there a third option?
In Sound TownStory-204-icon
Stuffie takes Tessa to Sound Town, which is completely different from what she expected...

The Dragon Giraffe and the Magic RemoteStory-310-icon
Are you curious about what Marty and Blankie do when they are not sleeping? Well, they fight the terrible dragon giraffe!
Tales for Robot ChildrenRobot-story-icon
Would you like to read something else? Then visit the Tales for Robot Children website and meet cute robotlets, evil destroids, lightning fast robozooms and many more!

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